Our History

         1989 : V. Pack & Move (Bangkok) Co., Ltd started operations in a small rented warehouse on Rama 3, Bangkok. Our major business at that time was packing and exporting Thai handicrafts and furniture.

         1996 : We moved to a new rented warehouse in Sukhumvit Soi 64 and started to take on more challenging projects packing industrial machinery and major logistics projects for the entertainment industry, including helping to stage the two Michael Jackson concerts and doing all the logistics for Fun Fairs and Circuses.

         2000 : Following the successful relocation of the electric motor plant, the client then commissioned us to do a “turn key” project relocating 3 production lines from Sydney, Australia to their expanded factory at Nonthaburi.

         2007 : The year of the big moves. Our first big move was more than 1,000 truck loads of spare parts, ULDs and some ground handling equipment for Thai Airways International’s relocation from Don Muang Airport for the opening of Suvannabhumi International Airport.

         Our second big move was our own. We moved from the rental office and warehouses to our own complex at Bangchalong, Bangplee. Our complex comprises a three story office and 3,000 square meters of warehouse and workshop. Adjacent to this is our staff apartment building and another rental warehouse.

         2012 : Working with our German associate, we adopted the German HPE standards for packing of machinery. We found that our existing quality of packing already met these exacting standards.

         2013 : V.Pack & Move (Bangkok ) Co., Ltd. was subject to strict performance criteria and was awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

         2014 : A big year for our Customs services. We were awarded Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) which is the highest qualification for a customs broker under the World Customs Organization.
         We also went through the vigorous applications and qualified by both the Road Transport Department and the Royal Thai Customs Department to be granted licences for the carriage and customs formalities for transit cargo of copper concentrate from Laos to Siracha Harbour for export. With these licenses, we can now handle any type of transit cargo to or from Laos.

         2019 : Once again , V.Pack & Move (Bangkok) CO.,LTD has been awarded excellent quality certificate by Euromovers at the 2019 conference in Copenhagen,Denmark.
         We promise to uphold our high quality standards for serving all our clients in Thailand and around the world.